GAME Olija

A rough sea,
a shadow in the water,
a shipwreck.
The beginning of a
memorable journey.


In this 2D odyssey, the player will live the destiny of Faraday, a castaway trapped in the mysterious and uncharted lands of Terraphage.

This adventure will lead him to meet Olija, an enigmatic lady to which he is bound to.

A master of the blade, an old boatman, an unforeseeable yellow cloak spirit… Armed with a legendary harpoon, Faraday will face a hostile world of ancient creatures and strange residents.

From an unsettling mangrove to a wasteland of old ships, explore the uncharted and inhospitable islands of the mysterious Terraphage world.

Your journey will lead you to the discovery of an artefact that will be key to your survival in this hostile environment…

Faraday’s harpoon is a powerful relic and a versatile weapon. Its wide variety of handlings allows you to smartly overcome your opponents and the many other obstacles on your way… Will you master the Harpoon of legend ?

Many different threats will cross your path during your stay… Adapt your tactics and style!

Survive epic combats using destructive combos. Diversify even more your approaches with unique items and secondary weapons you will find by exploring your environment.

Master the cutting edge of a fast and sharpened sword or be more expeditious by blasting your enemies with a charming blunderbuss...

Find the legendary hats, enjoy their unique powers and look sharp in all circumstances wearing them. Inspired by western and oriental influences, they reflect the diversity of Olija’s universe.

Land on uncharted islands, meet strange inhabitants and discover the hidden treasures of Terraphage.

Be free to explore this hidden world and reveal its best kept secrets...

Lead Faraday and the other castaways to escape... At all costs!


  • Best sound design nomination, BitSummit 2018
  • Art nomination, BIC 2018

About the making of Olija

Thomas Olsson

Olija is the work of one man, Thomas Olsson, developer at Skeleton Crew Studio. It is an adventure platform game inspired by the swashbuckler genre and critically acclaimed titles such as Another World and Prince of Persia.

Thomas Olsson
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