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2020.11.24 JAXA Symposium 2020 Content Development Bandai Namco Amuzement presents The Origin of Experience Design
「Hayabusa 2」AR Simulator Development Co-op

JAXA Symposium 2020@ Online Recommendation
We proudly helped create the WebAR contents inside the 50th anniversary of "Space Development: Tales of Ancient Times" AR website. We helped Bandai Namco Amuzement with the "「Hayabusa 2」 AR Simulator" inside their Origin of Experience Design.
The contents went live Saturday, November 21st, 2020.

In the vastness of space, the great challenge of Hayabusa 2 was to discover and touch down on the asteroid Ryugu; we've recreated this experience for you on your smartphone.

These contents focused on the realistic action of Hayabusa 2 and the presentation of information during its touchdown. Experience the struggle of Hayabusa 2 at home, and please welcome the capsule home to Earth on December 6th, 2020!

Platform: Web AR (Browser)
Responsibilities: Development Cooperation

Directed by 1 to 10

Additional Responsibilities:
Design, UI Design

2020.8.11 Gundam Cafe, Akihabara VR Experience

We developed an all-new VR experience in Tokyo called the Gundam Cafe! Check it out!

Platform: VR

Responsibilities: Development, UI/UX Design

2020.8.11 Tokyo Motorshow - Mitsubishi Motors VR MI-TECH Concept VR Experience

In 2019 at Tokyo Big Cite, we exhibited a VR experience showing the newest features of the Mitsubishi MI-TECH Concept Car, in VR for the Oculus Quest.

Platform: Oculus Quest

Responsibilities: Development, 3D Modelling, UI/UX Design

2020.8.11 Heijyokyo AR Tour AR Tourism Application

For two weeks in December 2019, we developed an AR-based smartphone application to help a self-driving car tour the famous Heijyo-kyo site in Nara, Japan.

Platform: Android, iOS

Responsibilities: Unity development, UI/UX Design

2020.07.11 Olija Skeleton Crew Original Production

Olija is a game about Faraday's quest, a man shipwrecked then trapped in the mysterious country of Terraphage. Armed with a legendary harpoon, he and other castaways try to leave this hostile country to return to their homelands. Through exploration, narration and combat, the player will discover a strange world and its protagonists, including Olija, an enigmatic lady Faraday is bound to. Inspired by the swashbuckler genre and titles such as Another World and the original Prince of Persia games, Olija is a game about facing the unknown in adversity.

Platform: Switch, PS4, XB1, PC (Steam)

Responsibilities: Design, Sound, Development

2018.10.18 SPACE MUSEUM DIONE VR Application

In the VR experience "Space Museum Dione", you will be launched from Kimotsuki-cho in Kagoshima Prefecture to the end of the universe while seeing, experiencing and learning about space and its mysteries.

Platform: Microsoft MR, Oculus Go

Responsibilities: Planning, Application Development

Programming Language: C#

2018.10.18 VR Manga Contents Tales of Wedding Rings VR

Dive into the Manga world through VR and experience the world and story of Tales of Wedding Rings VR

Platform: Oculus Rift

Responsibilities: 3D Modelling

Tools: MAYA, UE4

TALES OF WEDDING RINGS is a registered trademark or trademark of Square Enix Co., Ltd.
© 2018 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

2018.10.18 BitSummit volume 6 International Indie Game Event

Bitsummit is the biggest Japanese Indie Game Festival held in Kyoto. Over one hundred titles could be enjoyed by the visitors and many awards were given to the developers. As a member of the organizers, Skeleton Crew was responsible for the Art Direction.

2018.10.18 UNKNOWN ASIA ART EXCHANGE OSAKA 2018 International Art Event

We are a member of the "Unknown Asia Art Exchange Osaka" executive committee.

"UNKNOWN ASIA" is an event where Japanese creators get the chance to compete and connect with other Asian Creators. "From Osaka to Asia and from Asia to Osaka", Okukura Tenshin sayings "Asia is one". In 2018, for the 4th time, we aim to give unknown creators another chance to display their talents and fullfill their dreams. 200 Presenters from 10 different countries were selected to display their work and connect with Experts. Come and experience an exciting exchange of Design, Photography, Fashion, Illustration, Performance and more.

2017.10.12 BackSlash Original Indie Game

BackSlash is a destruction machine! It’s filled with highly interactive spells, special moves, and close combat. Fight your friends in a one-on-one battle, challenge the AI, or try your hand at over two dozen quests!

2017.10.12 Indie MEGASHOW design compilation Graphics Design Compilation

For Indie MEGABOOTH’s first solo show in Japan, Skeleton Crew Studio was selected to create a new look to bring the show to Roppongi’s SuperDeluxe in Tokyo. With yokai inspired designs created by Skeleton Crew, Indie MEGASHOW showcased games from 20 developers around Asia. We are proudly partnering with IMB to design other MEGASHOW events around the world.

2017.10.12 Dinosaur Museum VR Original VR Production

With help from Tamba City in Tottori Prefecture, Dinosaur Museum VR gives researchers and enthusiasts the ability to play with the the real bones of a scanned "Tambasaurus" in virtual reality. Paint, smash, and pose bones in this experimental VR project we've proudly shown all around Japan.

2017.10.12 Kankoboko AR Collaborative AR Project

Skeleton Crew Studio happily calls Kyoto home, and we’re no stranger when it comes to helping with local festivals. In collaboration with Kyoto VR, check out a Gion Matsuri hoko in the palm of your hand with cutting edge AR technology.

2017.10.12 Extension Program U35 Lecture Series

Want to learn how to build your own game company with advice from the pros? This 3-month lecture series covers the basics of economics, development, planning, and team management. Also earn real-world experience in a 2-day game jam with the team from Skeleton Crew Studio! Live your dream of being your own boss!

2017.10.12 Gehenna Crossing Special Movie Event

Skeleton Crew Studio is a proud sponsor of world renowned movie special effect and sculpture artist Hiroshi Katagiri’s production of Gehenna: Where Death Lives.